Tips For The First Day Of School

2021 marks a huge milestone in our household, with our oldest son attending preschool for the first time. For so many children and parents this is a big step. Whether your child is starting preschool, kindergarten, or a new school the first day always means a new environment, new friends and new routine.

It’s an exciting, but busy time!

No one really knows how to prepare your child for the first day of school, because anything can happen! With these tips and tricks, though, you can guarantee they’ll have the best start possible.

Start Adjusting Your Childs Bedtime

You don’t want your child to be exhausted on their first day of school.

If your child is used to going to bed late and waking up late, start adjusting their sleep schedule before the first day. Within the week before school starts move bedtime up by 15 minutes each day until your child is able to wake up at the necessary time in the morning.

Practice A New Morning Routine

Kids thrive on routines!

A morning routine will allow your child to learn how to take care of their own responsibilities (getting dressed, brushing teeth) without you needing to tell them. The last thing anyone needs is to get into a power struggle minutes before you need to leave.

Within the week before school starts, encourage your child to start practicing their new routine. Have them pretend each day is a school day by getting dressed as soon as they wake up.

Read Books About The First Day Of School

Reading books about the first day of school will help spark thought and conversations. Your child will be able to connect with the characters in the book and learn from the problems they face.

Below are some great books about the first day of school.

Meet The Teachers

What makes or breaks how much your child will enjoy school ultimately comes down to their teacher.

It’s helpful to have your child meet their teacher at their new school. Most schools have a back to school night or teacher conference that is set up for this.

At this time you can have your child see their future classroom and get to know their teacher. Even take a tour of the school, so they can get excited about everything they’ll be doing. If your child will be riding a bus ask the school if they have a bus available and show your child what it’s like on the bus.

You can also ask questions, because let’s face it, your nervous too! They will be able to give you some advice and tips to put your mind at ease.

Prepare The Night Before

Set out everything your child will need the night before, so the next morning goes smoothly. This is something you can do every night. Make sure to involve your child in this process.

Things to do the night before:

  • Pack their book bag with everything they need.
  • Lay out the clothes they will be wearing the next day.
  • Get as much of their lunch prepared as you can.

This all may seem difficult at first, but children adjust to their routines and environments.

I acknowledge that it’s not only difficult for your child, but for you as well. I just want to tell you that you can do this! Take a deep breath and knock this school year out of the park.

I’m rooting for you!

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