Christmas Time In Chicago

The Christmas season in Chicago is magical.

Last week, my boyfriend and I took a train to Chicago to spend the entire day together, no kids. It’s not too often that we are able to spend time together, just the two of us.

We departed from the train station in Princeton, Illinois around 8:30A and arrived in Chicago a little after 10A. It was such any easy ride!

South State Street & East Washington Street

After getting to Chicago we decided to walk to Macy’s, which is about a 15 minute walk from Union Station. I had to buy a winter coat, because it was too cold outside!

This may have been the biggest store I’ve ever been in. There are 7 floors! I could have spent all day shopping in there.

Outside of Macy’s was the Chicago Fire Department, singing Christmas Carols!

After leaving Macy’s we walked down the street to a Dunkin’ Donuts for hot chocolate and coffee.

Millennium Park isn’t too far from Macy’s and Dunkin’. That’s where we walked to next.

Christmas Tree at Millennium Park

They have the park decorated with Christmas trees and lights. I’m sure it looks better at night. There’s also an ice skating rink, which we both knew we wouldn’t be able to do. I’ve tried once before, and it’s not at all easy.

Cloud Gate at Millennium Park

We did go to ‘The Bean’ at Millennium Park. It was my first time seeing it.

It was definitely the most over crowded place in the park, so I can only imagine how it is on a weekend. Regardless of all the people, we were able to get some really nice pictures.

After we left Millennium Park we wanted to do something different that neither of us have done. The Museum of Illusions is not too far from the park.

Infinity Room at the Museum of Illusions

It was so fun! Honestly, it was nice to just laugh at all of the optical illusions. There were so many more than I would have expected. I really like the Ames Room. That is where two people stand at opposite sides of the room and one person looks like they have shrunk while the other twice their size.

There’s also so many opportunities for some really cool pictures.

Christkindlmarket at Daley Plaza

One place I really wanted visit while in Chicago was the Chriskindlmarket. It’s an authentic German Christmas Market.

The smells were amazing! Probably my favorite part. They had hot chocolate, pretzels, spiced wine and beer, and so many Christmas ornaments.

I didn’t try any food or drinks, but I wish I would have. The pretzels looked delicious! We did buy a Christmas ornament that has stockings with all our names on it.

After leaving the market we finally decided to get something to eat. We stopped at Giordano’s for a pizza and some drinks. It was worth the extra wait for that deep dish pizza!

Our train was to depart Chicago at 5:50, and after we ate our late lunch we weren’t sure how much time we would have to do anything else.

We stopped at Willis Tower, just to check it out, before heading back to Union Station. It was starting to get dark at this time, and it was nice to just see all the streets lit up and all the Christmas decorations around.

We arrive at Union Station around 5:20P and were on the train shortly after.

It was such a good day!

I’m really glad that my boyfriend and I decided to do an experience together like this instead of buying each other Christmas gifts. It’s definitely a day I won’t forget.

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